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‘Supporting Our Children’

Your PSA

Last year we were a very small group of people who gave up their time, often away from our families, free of charge.  We did this to run activities to benefit the pupils of Stifford Clays Primary School and our local community.

The PSA is made up of 3 officers and a handful of trustees who vote on anything and everything that we do plus a member / volunteer team who help to make the magic happen.

Everyone is welcome, and we can accommodate all levels of commitment. Joining our team is not signing your life away. You can do as much or as little as you want and trust me when I say it is very much appreciated by us, the school and most importantly the children. This is not a charity where you give and don’t see the benefit. Every time you donate money, time or items it goes directly to the children.

We have purchased lots of great items for the children and hold the best events in the area. We need your help to continue to do this. I’m very passionate about this charity and hope that you are you too.

We took on board suggestions given to us and tried to make great fundraisers from them. Some did really well financially, some didn’t, and some did really well with enjoyment and some didn’t. It is always difficult to know what we will be successful and what won’t, so as a committee we tried to do a range of activities throughout the year.

Last year saw us attend more school trips than ever and really get to be part of the school, including building fantastic relationships with teaching staff.  We are really appreciated by the staff and they often request our help to support a range of events to provide wider opportunities for your children.

Feedback is important to us and both the staff and the PSA welcome your constructive feedback.  Unfortunately, last year, social media was used to berate our efforts. May I politely remind you that not only is cyber bullying a criminal offence but also that me and my team are not paid and we give up an enormous amount of our time freely trying to do our best for your children. Please, instead of criticising us, come and join us and help us to improve the events.

The money we raise is used to enhance learning and to provide your children with additional experiences and opportunities that may otherwise not be possible. We meet on average once every 2 months. Meetings are quite sociable and are often held in the pub!!

If you are interested in finding out more about us please contact Kate Stonell via the following email address: [email protected]

Who’s Who

We are a friendly group who are happy to be approached by anyone – adults and/or children. Please feel free to talk to us and find out what a difference you could make by joining us, or just giving us ideas on fundraising events, feedback on previous events or even suggestions on what we could consider spending funds on. We have listed here our current Officers and Trustees:


Kate Stonell

Vice Chair

Vickie Moore


Ruth Watson

PSA Trustees

Kate Stonell, Vickie Moore, Ruth Watson, Sarah-Jayne Davis, Marina Springham, Kerry Wood

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your continued support. We have been able to fulfil requests for funding of the following projects in the academic year 17/18 alone.

Nursery Building monetary donation 25% of last year’s profits

Sports equipment

Mud kitchen

Dyslexia materials

Sports day child refreshments

Year 6 leavers events

Year 6 leavers trophies

External theatre company production to the entire school

Healthy eating week food shopping

Treats from Father Christmas

School Christmas Dinner decor

Memorable experiences for each child

Assisted with numerous school trips

Profit Sheet

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